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5 Mobile Apps Teachers Can Use To Get Kids Thinking

Remind 101 is a great app to keep students up to date with homework, corrections, deadlines, and any other announcements you will have for your students.  It is a safe way for cellular communication to be used between the students, teachers, and parents. This app can be used by any teacher in any subject.


Mr. B - Revision to tonights project. Do not complete Part C until you Complete Part D first.

Babble is a language app that helps students learn a second language. The app helps with images to make a connection between the word and the object. Also this app helps with how each word is pronounced. Further you learn common phrases, and practice your pronunciation by speaking into the app. This app is perfect for the second language teacher in your school. Another use for this app could be for ESL learners who are making the transition to your school.


French 101 - Use this app to help students start to develop concrete connections between words and the images they are. Use this app to help with conversational dialogue by speaking into the app.

Nearpod is an interactive lecture app that allows the teacher to create the a multimedia lesson and have the students access and answer questions via their mobile devices. This app can be used in any class in order to engage students mobily.


Biology Class - In this slide what valves open to let blood pass through the heart.

A - Tricuspid  B - Pulmonary  C - Mitral  D - Aortic

Educreations is an app that allows the teacher and students create enhanced notes on a lesson. The interactive whiteboard allows students and teachers to create videos about the work or lessons. Furthermore teachers and students can draw, add images, and record audio to narrate. This is a perfect app for tough lectures in sciences, math, language arts, or social studies.


Biology Class - annotating the different structures of the body and what they do while providing an audio recording for students to go back to and review.

Math vs. Zombies is an app that allows students to have fun while doing mathematics. The more math a student performs and performs correctly, the farther they advance. The only tool against the Zombie Apocalypse is MATH! This is a great app can be tailored for any mathematics class.


Math class - each successive answer gets your farther along the storyline. Wrong answers will have you fall to the zombie apocalypse and reviewing of your mistakes will show you the correct answers. This can be used for individual practice.

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