ARCHERY!!! - What can I do to become a better archer?

     By: Emma

What I found out based on my question is everyone has a different way of shooting archery and a different technique. Also that it depends on your attitude when you are shooting and that will affect your outcome based on how you shot. Another thing  you must do is be prepared for shooting in certain weather conditions such as: rain, it can be windy, it can snow, or in other conditions. In case you are in those weather conditions you also need to make sure you have spare arrows and a rag or something to wipe of your arrows so that they won't be wet or anything, so that will also not affect your shooting too. The last thing you want to do is you want to know when to be serious and when to just have fun. For me competitions against my friends, my dad, people from my church, and other is a great time to have fun and show what you can do!!!

extra things you might  actually be doing wrong when you are shooting- 1. be sure your form is correct when you are shooting like what katniss Everdeen is doing in the picture below.   2.make sure you are focused and you have an anchor point, so you can be able to shoot a little bit more accurately than randomly shooting wherever.   3. make sure you also repeat what you did last time or you can move your bow a little bit to the left, right, up, or down if you either missed the target or want to improve on it and make more points.

How do archery pros become pros???

What I discovered during my research is that everyone has a different technique. An archer named Howard Hill  is famous for hitting flying objects that are in the  air, and for getting world titles and accolades as well. One of his abilities is that he can switch out different bows and arrows as he competes through tournaments (which is very diffcult to pull off). Another reason for how a pro can become so good is they practice a lot. Some of these pros will practice around 2-4 hours a day! One other thing I found out was that most of these archers grew up shooting archery.


In professional tournaments, the number of 10 X's is often the deciding factor as most pros consistently hit within the 10 ring.

picture of Howard Hill
this is what some people in archery tournaments

What  other kind of equipment would I need to become a more successful archer?

These are some things that I would most likely need when I am shooting a bow:

1) a peep sight

2) a sight

3) a mechanical release

4) carbon fiber arrows

5) (optional) a stabilizer

6) (optional) a quiver to hold your arrows

7) (optional) an arm guard

These are only some of the things you need to use, or might want to use when you are shooting a bow. Now I want to tell you a little bit more about the things that I listed as optional. The stabilizer will help you with your accuracy. The arm guard helps protect your arm if the bow string rubs your forearm during release. The quiver is also optional, but a lot of people recommend it and a lot of people who shoot archery use it. There are many different quivers people use and the one I use is  a ground quiver instead of one that you may put in your pocket, or on a belt that goes on your side. The rest on your list is mandatory if you were going to shoot the kind of bow I use. This concludes my second paragraph of what other kind of equipment I might need.

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