Proper Posture & Personal Hygiene

It's not just for Saturdays anymore!

As children, you may not have had as many needs in terms of personal hygiene, however as you get older, puberty kicks in. This is why you may find yourself needing re-adjust your cleanliness routines. We will read an article today that explains in more detail just how important personal hygiene is to your health.

First, I want to discuss how part of having good personal health is learning how to sit and stand using proper posture. Having good posture can save you from a lifetime of aches and pains, plus it will make you look better!

Posture Matters.

Here's why!

Dental Health

As you may remember from the Dental Health and Care lesson taking care of your teeth is very important. This should be part of your daily personal hygiene routines.

Washing Your Hands is an Important Part of Personal Hygiene

Why should we bother to wash our hands?

Here's the proper way to wash our hands!