8MEH.2.2 The Decision-Making Model

Scenario 1

Football season starts this weekend and Steve is excited about his school's first game. He has already purchased his ticket and has made plans to meet his friends there. His school team is playing their long-time rival and it should be the best game of the season. On the night before the game, Steve's parents receive a phone call from friends visiting in a city 30 miles away. Steve's parent have not seen  these friends in years because they live in a distant state. Friday Night is the only  Steve's parents can drive to see their friends.

The Options

He could baby-sit his little brother or attend his high school football game.


He could baby-sit his little brother because family is more important than sports.


His parents need him to baby-sit instead of going to the game, family is more important.


He would have chosen to baby-sit his brother because he knew his friends weren't coming to the game.

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