Who is the Man behind the Monster?
Who is Hitler?

By: Gabrielle Levesque

Hitler was indeed an evil, cruel, and vicious man. However, was there something in his life that made him this way or was he born evil? I believe that he was not born evil, in fact parts of Hitlers life changed him, perhaps his father. Hitler loved the arts, His father disliked the idea of his son preferring to draw over business. Disobeying his father he dropped out of school, became a watercolour painter and applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was rejected twice. After that, Hitler was homeless until WW1. Being homeless could have caused Hitler to think about how right his father was. Hitler may have became that monstrous man, to prove to his father he was worth something, and to show his father he could make a difference in Germany.          

(Watch from  2:35-3:35 and 8:05-8:23)

These are home videos filmed by Hitler and his wife, or mistress at time, Eva Braun. In these videos, Hitler is meeting this little girl as well as two other children. This shows Hitler has humanity. He knows how to take care of children. These children's parents trust Hitler to watch their child. For people to trust Hitler with their family, and love him enough to videotape him, he must have had some good in him.   

Modern Day connection

Vladimir Putin is a perfect example of a modern day Hitler. Putin was a normal man, grew up with loving parents and did well in school. Putin was married to Lyudmila for 31 years and has two daughters. Putin has threatened to invaded at least 5 states. He is one of the most cruel men in our modern day. However, he is human. Just like Hitler, Putin had a love and has children in his life. He is a normal man making terrible choices. Maybe Putin is trying to prove something to someone as well. You never know the truth about someone unless you know them personally.

If there is one thing we have truly learned about Hitler, it is that his actions spoke more than his words. He will never be known as anything, except a monster.         

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