Why is Canada the Greatest Country?


In my opinion there is no "greatest" country, every country has it's flaws but yes canada is a great country. I believe Canada is a great place to live because of many reasons. There are four main reasons I will be talking about are, changing population, interaction in the physical Environment, Managing Canada's Resources and Industries, and livable communities. These are just a few reasons but there are many more.

Changing Population


Canada is known for having many immigrants into the country. In 1940 Canada's immigrant intake was 25000, now it is a little over 275000. That means the average intake for the past 23 years has been around 250 000. Canada welcomes many different religions and races. This shows that Canada is very diverse and very multicultural. Immigrants bring lots of skills and talents to Canada, most immigrants already had their university degree before they came to Canada. If we continue to let immigrants in, it will help Canada to stabilize and create a better future for the Canadians.

Population Growth

Canada might get a lot of immigrants but the population is at a low rate. Canada's population around 34 million and its area is 9,484,670 km2. There is a lot more land than there is people. Having less population means that we would have less harm to the environment, the air would be less polluted, and the water would be less polluted.

Interaction in the Physical Environment

Natural Disasters

In Canada natural disasters do not occur at  high rates. A natural disaster that doesn't occur as often in Canada is tsunami. It is very unlikely for a tsunami to happen in southern Canada because it does not have big bodies of water near it and it is connected to united states.

Oil Sands

Oil sands have been a big problem in Canada it has caused many issues in Canada. Canada has been trying hard to fix the oil sands problem. Canada has been improving by creating a more friendly environment way of doing it. Canada has paid about $25 million into research network that is creating observations on how to reduce the carbon emission. This just shows how much Canada cares.

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries

Vegetation Regions

Canada's vegetation regions contains 8 main regions, Tundra, Boreal Regions, Grassland, Parkland, West coast Forest, Broad-leaved Forest, Mixed Forest, and Cordilleran Vegetation. Almost half of the regions are forests, also these regions take up the most space in Canada. Forests are very important to Canada, because of their endless advantages.

Canada's Primary Industries

Primary industries are those that harvest or extract raw materials from nature. Canada's primary industries make Canada a great place to live in because of all it's advantages. Something that the primary industries can give are job opportunities. Also, it provides us with wood, oil, coal, and fresh water.


NAFTA stands for The North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA is a free trade agreement between Mexico, U.S.A , and Canada. This agreement has given Canada benefits in many ways. One way that NAFTA benefits Canada is that it has made it much easier to import products. Before the NAFTA there was a known high tariffs between importing Mexico's agricultural, now it is so much easier to get the agricultural. This agreement has also made prices for consumers much lower. This makes Canada a very useful country to live in because some items prices are lowered.

Liveable Communities


Agriculture is a very big sector in our lives. Agriculture provides us with the food that we eat everyday, and it gives many people job opportunities. It also provides many products. Canada is known  to be the 5th largest country for agricultural  producing in the world. There are 2.1 million agricultural employs which is equivalent  1/8 jobs. All these agricultural benefits is another reason why Canada is such a great country.

Sustainable Energy

Canada is the global leader of producing renewable energy. Now 16% of primary energy supply is renewable. 8 years ago, 59 % percent of Canada's electricity was  from hydroelectricity and its slowly increasing by year. This just shows how Canada is a great country. Canada as a lot of renewable resources that can be used to produce energy, because of all of Canada's land. Renewable energy prevents greenhouse gas emission.

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