Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler was Reich Leader of the SS. he was the second most powerful in the Holocaust. He killed Jews. He started the ideas for the final solution

10 Facts

1.born into a middle class catholic family

2. graduated school in landshut  in 1919

3.  forced to take job in manure processing

4. August 1923 joined Nazi party

5.in  1926  Himmler built his own reputation in the party

6. He had bodyguards for Hitler and other leaders

7. Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900

8. he became Hitler's deputy propaganda chief

9. in 1929, he was appointed commander of Schultzstaffke

10. He commuted suidiced to escape capture on May 23 1945

Heinrich Himmler timeline

1. On October 7, 1900 he was born

2. Summer of 1919 he graduated from high school

3. August 1922 he received his degree in agriculture

4. August 1923 he joined the nazi party

5. 1928 himmler married Margaret Boden

6.  March 9 1933 Himmler is appointed  provisional president of police in munchie

7. June 17 1936 Adlof Hitler appoints Himmler reichsf├╝rer ss and chief of German police Himmlerchsf├╝ is now commander of all German police

8. July 1943 Hitler appoints Himmler minister of interior

9. April 30 1945 Hitler commits suicide

10.May 7 1945  Nazi Germany signs surrender document

11. May 23 1945 Himmler Commits  suicide

five main people with Himmler

1. Adolf Hitler

2. Joseph stallin

3. Henrich Himmler

4. Officers

5. People who ran the concentration camps

A hero of the holocaust

Julian Bileck was just a skinny teen when he and his family hid 23 Jews in an underground bunker saving them from the nazi death squads in war torn Poland.

Why is it important?

To show that Hitler was not the only bad guy in the holocaust. There were many more bad people

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