How Music affect the Learning Environment?

By: Jasmine Williams


Studies have shown that listening to music while studying triggers notable improvements when one listen to certain type of music. Music can affect the memory of a person. Different type of music have a different affect on a person, depends on the musical taste of the person. Music influences the process of thinking and learning. Scientists performed various experiments in the 1990's examining the affect of music on the memory. Music helps one think well, analyze facts faster, and work more effective.

my experience on how music affect the learning environement..

Ms. Schlorman helped me create a test and she let all her classes take the test with music and the the test without music. Ms. Schlorman went over the materials that was going to be on the test before she let the the students take it. For most people, the test with music was the one with the highest test scores. Students paid more attention to the questions with music in their ears. Students actually took their time too. Students taking the test without music was horrible. Students wasn't focus on the test at all. They were doing everything else instead of the test. Students taking the test while listening to music made the classroom a lot quieter. Students was really focusing on the test. After everyone finished the test the classroom stayed quiet for a while, because everyone was still listening to their music.

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