Schools of the Future

Adrian Barela, ITGS SL/HL, 2nd Period

How will the future generations in school learn versus how we learned in the past?

A classroom in Georgia (the country, not state.)
Electronic paper display

Strand 1

Digital Divide/Equality of Access and People and Machines (1.6/1.11)
-how the younger generations are growing into a technology driven society
-some school districts give outdated technology to under schools
-progress rather than digress
-teachers will need training
-students know how to use
-cost of these machines
-grants of HEBISD/other districts

Strand 2

Education and training (2.1)
-preparing us for the future
-could get hired for knowing how to use/work a program others don't

Strand 3

Hardware/Software/Internet (3.1/3.2/3.4)
-Internet safety


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