Frankenstein Vocabulary

By: Samuel Moore


Sentence: Jimmy was obsessed with Samantha.

Synonym: Passion

Antonym: Hatred

Example: The hoarder keeps on buying more and more books.


Sentence: The dog never stops barking at me.

Synonym: disturb

Antonym: Very Soothe

Example: My older sister never stops talking.


Sentence: The farmer was very toiled at the end of the day.

Synonym: Labor

Antonym: Lazy

Example: The farmer works long hours everyday.


Sentence: People thought Frankenstein was very grotesque.

Synonym: Ugly

Antonym: Pretty

Example: A lot of people feel grotesque when the wake up in the morming.


Sentence: My older sister looked very feverish.

Synonym: Hot

Antonym: Relaxed

Example: Sally looked ill today.


Sentence: Jimmy can sometimes be conbulsive.

Synonym: Jerky

Antonym: peace

Example: I hope i never have a spasm.


Sentence: I always devoure my food when I'm hungry.

Synonym: Consume

Example: He ate his food very quickly.


Sentence: The scientist loves dealing with anatomy.

Synonym: Structure

Aatonym: Connection

Exapmle: I want to work with the structure of animals when i grow up.


Sentence: He looked very gnarled at work.

Synonym: tired

Antonym: clean/well groomed

Example: He looked very rugged.


Sentence: The man was shunned from the group.

Synonym: aviod

Antonym: welcome

Example: Sometimes people are not welcome in groups.

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