Rolling Stone magazine Evaluation

The Rolling Stone is a magazine that focuses mainly on music and culture in the current time. It has been promoting artists since 1967, in which it was founded. Along the years it has featured a huge number of big name music artists such as Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Tupac Shakur. It has also featured big names such as Barack Obama and Will Ferrell in it's recent years. It's main talking point is music and because of this the magazine now has a worldwide reputation.

Rolling Stone magazine logo.

The magazine has a formal approach when it's discussing a serious topic, an example would be The Boston Bombings, the article on this was dealt with in a professional manner. The magazine has been known to use a laid-back approach when the topic being discussed is a less serious matter, as the author of the article tends to take note on a variety of opinions.

Imagery is a huge part of how this magazine functions, each fortnight a new copy is presented to the world and the cover is renowned to be laced with images of popular celebrities at that point in time. each week a new celebrity is plastered across the front cover. The imagery used in the magazine is usually very to the point and will give you a brief idea of what the article is about, so in a way the imagery used in The Rolling Stone magazine is very powerful. The magazine is laid out to gather the readers attention with a use of colour and stand out font. It uses images to give the reader an insight into what is being discussed in the article and bold headings to engage the target audience.

The content that is produced in the magazine is aimed mainly at an adult audience as it can often feature some mature subjects, such as personal lives of celebrities and tragedies that have occurred in the world. Quotes from Celebrities are a frequent occurrence in articles that are published, this shows that the information has come from a reliable source and that the content is factual.

The presentation of The Rolling Stone magazine catches the readers eye to say the least. A mixture of dark and bright colours are combined in order to create a glamorous front cover that invites readers in. Most articles are generally presented formally, using columns and paragraphs so that the reader can enjoy the content.

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