Important Internet Dates
by: Nicole Hartman


The world wide web begins and AOL launches its Instant Messenger chat service.


-One of the first known Web purchases takes place (a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese) from Pizza Hut.

-Stanford University college students, Jerry Yang and David Filo creates Yahoo!

1995 opens for business and they are names the "Earth's Biggest Bookstore".

-The first online dating site opens (

-craigslist is started by Craig Newmark.

-Chris Lamprecht is the first person to become banned from the Internet.


-Nokia releases The Nokia 9000 Communicator which is the first cellphone that allows people to access the internet.

-One of the world's first Webmail services is launched (HoTMaiL).

-A 3D animation called "The Dancing Baby" becomes of the first viral videos.


-Netflix is created is registered as a domain


-55 million people go online from their work.

-Social network site launches but it soon taken over by Facebook.

-Microsoft launches Xbox Live.


-Apples launched iTunes Music Store with 200,000 songs each sold at $0.99. Within the first week, one million songs are sold.

-Skype is launched and the term 'Skype me' is created. is founded and launched by musicians.


-YouTube is founded on Valentine's Day. The first video is uploaded my a co-founder, Jawed Karim, on April 23rd.

-About 25 million people have sold something online.


Apple releases its first iPhone. $499 for a 4GB and $599 for a 8GB.


-66% os internet users use Facebook and 12% use Instagram.

-Facebook reaches 1 billion monthly active users. The company buys Instagram for $1 billion dollars.

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