"Previously on..."

     The sun is shining down on the dew previously left there by late night rainstorms. It's a early morning, but one with purpose... because why else would anyone get up early. Dominick Morales prepares for a long day of volunteer work. A small step closer to ending poverty.

After 4 days of separation on a lovely trip. Dominick Morales jumps on a plane to reunite with his family that missed him, so much. When he arrived the amount of streamers nearly choked him...for a brief moment he thought he made a mistake walking threw, but at the end of the hall was his little sister... it was all worth it.

A Monday morning with only one week of school left and Dominick was complaining about school for the first time in ages. He said things like "...but STAAR is over...I alredady have my credits" and also things like this "AAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" but school still came.

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