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Read What's Happening in Kindergarten

Dear Parents,
    Thank you for your patience as I searched for a new program to use for our weekly newsletters. I hope you find this to be similar to the other program I was using. Kindergarten is very busy! There are days when we don't get to "rest" and we might not even get our second snack in for the day. We do our best, but sometimes our work just makes the day fly by too quickly! Please make sure your child is getting plenty of rest each night because their little, growing bodies certainly need it!


In Math, we have been learning about adding and subtracting numbers. We learned how
to make arrangements with our number tiles and used visual representation to make different numbers. We talked about how adding makes our final answer get larger and subtracting makes that number get smaller. The number 8 was also our focus. "We make an s and don't wait, climb back up to make an 8."

Heart Words

Our heart word this week was "like" and last week our word was "the". Your child focuses on this heart word throughout the week in all of the books they read, writings they do, and activities we complete during our literacy block. They should begin to recognize these words when they read and become better spellers when they write. Each week we will be adding a new heart word or perhaps two!


If you have heard your child talk about Stretchy Snake or Eagle Eye, then they have been doing a fabulous job at school listening and remembering the reading strategies I have been working on with them. Please continue to focus on these strategies with your child when you read with them each night!

Fire Safety

This week, we have been focusing on fire safety and being responsible if there were a fire in their home. I was very impressed with all the children at how much they already knew about fire safety. Please make sure that you have a safety plan set up in your home for your family in case of a fire.

PALS Testing

Next week, I will be beginning my literacy testing for all of the students. This testing is done 3 times a year and is more extensive than what I did with your child this summer. Please help to make sure that your child is getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy breakfast. We will be discussing the results at conferences.


Your child's success relies heavily upon home and school working together. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Mrs. Vande Hei

Fall Into Reading Night

Thank you to all those who were able to make it to our Fall Into Reading Night. I hope you enjoyed spending time with your child and learning how to teach them to become better readers!