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                             Male Baldness - Are You At Risk?    


Androgenetic alopecia is a common enough occurrence that requires use of Minoxidil 5% or similar medications as treatment. Study showed that almost 50% men will undergo one or other symptoms associated with baldness at some point in their lives, to varying degrees. What is the reason behind this extremely commonplace occurrence? It may remain encrypted in your genes or have link to androgens, the male hormone. Many functions are associated with these hormones, one among them being control of hair growth.

If heredity is causing the thinning out of your hair, there is minimal cause for concern, as it is harmless in most cases. However, more serious or critical underlying reasons may also be there behind your condition such as anabolic steroids, cancer, thyroid conditions or different medications. In case, the condition is a sudden appearance for example, soon after you have started a new medication, contact your physician immediately with your observation. Similarly, if the hair fall comes accompanied with other health problems you shouldn't waste time in contacting a professional as it may be an indication of some serious complication.

What is the hair loss pattern? Your healthcare provider will look into it seriously besides performing medical exam and delving into your history. It may provide clues regarding underlying health conditions of which you may not be aware. Only after checking everything thoroughly the physician will recommend medications such asMinoxidil foam to improve your condition. You may be suffering from a health condition in case along with hair loss you are also experiencing redness, pain, scalp peeling, rash, unusual loss pattern, breakage, or patchy loss. Other reasons may be nutritional deficiency or scalp fungal conditions. Only through proper diagnosis, one will be able to say it with some certainty.

Physicians may perform blood tests or skin biopsy to be sure regarding the diagnosis. So do you fall within the risk group when it comes to male baldness?

Anybody in teenage years may suffer from this issue, but it is more common in adults with its likelihood increasing along with age. Genetics as everybody knows has a big role to play in this kind of affliction and your chances increase if somebody on maternal side of your family suffers from the same problem. Specific pattern to such hair loss begins typically at temples or crown. Sometimes, a single patch of baldness may be present while in others hairline recedes to form M shape. In still others, continuous loss will occur until only small amounts of hair remains upon the head.

People use different methods to hide their receding hairlines, including use of wigs or changing hairstyles to cover the bald patches. However, today it is possible to get positive results even if you are suffering from baldness when you use the right products to reverse the condition, such as Rogaine foam. Contact your healthcare provider to know your suitability and after this, you can find it and more at the click of the button when you visit the website http://www.minoxidildirect.com/.

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