Digital Citizenship

There are six things that you should know about digital citizenship.

Number one, your responsibility is to stop bullies tell others and comfort others when they are being bullied. always tell a teacher of bullies.Never plagiarize it is a law and always include the site you got the information from.Always be polite and edicut you can make the internet a better place. Number two, Protecting your identity you should always stay anonymous or at least until you know the site better. Never reply to someone who asks you for personal information and remove you from the situation.Number three, Privacy do not insert your email to any unfamiliar websites or you might receive spam messages. Spam messages can clog up emails, slow down computers, don't open attachments etc. Number four Cyberbullying the best way to stop cyber bullying is to not be one yourself. You have to stick up for others instead of letting them feel bad about it. Number five interacting on social media, the most important thing you can do is think before you post once its out there it is out there. Watch out for how much your profile gives away and never reply to strangers. Number six staying safe there are five things that you should know about staying safe keep your identity a secret, be careful around strangers, tell someone if you are being cyberbullied, keep your password a secret and be nice.

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