Global Micro Servers Market Deriving Growth from Rising Demand for Power-efficient and Cost-compatible Servers

The global micro servers market is undergoing a remarkable growth phase on account of soaring demand for micro servers from small-sized, mid-sized, as well as large enterprises. The rise in the demand for power-efficient, dense, and low-cost servers in cloud data centers is the key driving force for the growth of the global micro servers market.Micro servers are extremely reliable in system-on-chip or SoC-based operations. They also help in reducing the overall cost of ownership, as they can easily be self-managed, which is another prime driver of the global micro servers market. The rising cloud traffic is expected to stimulate the uptake of micro servers significantly in the near future.
ARM: Emerging Name in Processor Market
Intel dominated the global market based on processors. However, the competition in this market is going to intensify, as a number of players are showing their interest in venturing into this market, having processors licensed from ARM.Data center and cloud are the major segments of the global micro servers market based on application. Currently, lowering the usage of power as well as space is the key priority of data center operators. Owing to this factor, the demand for micro servers is expected to increase in the near future. The cloud market is also contributing significantly to the micro servers market, developing at a higher pace compared to conventional data centers.Initially, small and medium-size companies were the biggest customers for micro servers. However, with various large-scale companies showing an interest in SoC-based micro servers, the situation is likely to change in the near future.
Asia Pacific Slated to Report Fastest Growth among Regional Segments
The global market for micro servers is spread across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World, including Latin America and the Middle East and Africa. Currently, North America leads the global industry. Other regional markets are also reporting significant growth on account of rapid rise in data center-based and media storage-based applications.
The Asia Pacific micro servers market is slated to record the fastest growth in the coming years. The infrastructure for cloud and data centers is projected to rise at a rapid pace in Europe and Asia Pacific, resulting in significant demand for micro servers in these economies, on account of which these regional micro server markets are expected to rise extensively.
Global Micro Servers Market: Competitive Landscape
The global micro servers market is experiencing intense demand for effective computing products from all over the world, prompting market players to focus on new product launches as well as improvement of existing products. Mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and collaboration are the key strategies practiced by participants of this market in order to expand their businesses.
Fujitsu, Penguin Computing, ARM, Marvell Technology, Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Inc., MITAC, Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices, Tyan Computers, SuperMicro Computers, Plat’Home, Cavium, Boston, Acer, and Quanta Computer are the major players in the global micro servers market. In 2012, HP emerged as the market leader, whereas Dell captured the second position in the global market.

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