Mobile Apps for Teaching


This app is designed to teach you languages, in smaller increments. You learn a little bit of the language everyday, and eventually you will learn the whole language.


This app is designed for younger students, who require help learning. It immerses the students in the stories of their favourite characters, and a narrator will guide them through the story. The students can read the story along with the narrator.

Times Table Quiz

This app is designed to help students with their multiplications. It will give out multiplication questions, so that students will be able to discover how they would do on an actual quiz, and learn where their faults are.

Zig Zag Words

This is designed to help students with spelling. They are provided a picture, and then must spell out the word that describes the picture.

Socrative student

This app will provide a bunch of questions and information to students, in order to help facilitate their learning. The teacher can create quizzes on the app to further understand the student's understanding of the material in the course.

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