Intro to Qur'an - SITE VISITS

Remember: Site Visit Reports are due August 7 by 8pm, but can be uploaded any time! If you want a shortcut, here's the address the assignment dropbox on Canvas


Students will visit a Muslim prayer service (choose a service which you do not usually attend) and write up a reflection on their experiences on the basis the following questions:

  • Your name
  • Name and address of the mosque, community center, or place of worship
  • Date
  • Time (when to when?)
  • Describe the worship space/meeting place
  • Estimate the number of people in attendance
  • Describe your expectations or pre-conceived notions. Did you have expectations about what it would be like, based on your own experiences or what you have heard? Did the service correspond to your expectations?
  • Describe the service. What happened?
  • What did you enjoy least about the service?
  • What did you enjoy most?
  • What did you learn about this religious community?
  • Now that you have been to this service, if you were to attend this service sometime in the future, what would you do differently?

Feel free to include a photo if you like. Upload your site visit into the dropbox provided on CANVAS.