Roland Nielsen

Readers' travel tips: affordable wellness holidays

New year, new intentions ... What's your tip for a great break to get away from everything and feel rejuvenated, without costing the Earth?

Not an adrenaline-fuelled trip of a lifetime, but a wellness holiday that puts you back on the right track and isn't a drain on your financial resources. From specific hotels and destinations to spas, retreat centers and camps: where's the best place you've been to for an affordable, rejuvenating break?

Up for grabs is a Sprindrift 300 tent from Force Ten worth £540 and perfect for wintery expeditions. Submit your tips by clicking on the blue button and using the text tab. Try and include as much detail as possible – location, website address etc – and feel free to add a photo if you own the copyright to it, but it will be the text we're judging! Your tip should be around 100 words. Terms and conditions.