my magic door

My door would be made of shiny blue aquamarine and diamond, it would have a crest of pure gold and have two gleaming diamond swords on the front above an epic looking cobalt shield. The door will be surround with beautiful topaz crests of flowers. It will also be hidden from all sight because to get to it you need to chant: la mor he da la mor he da three times and hold out the locket of dann. to get the locket you need to destroy all three sorcerers hidden behind the doors. each one will drop either an amethyst gem, a golden D (for DANN) or a platinum medal with a string of crochet of intertwined flowers and leaves. once through the door you will be in a room filled with diamonds and gold. But it will have a price to pay because before the treasure can be touched you have to beat the Lich King

after you finally beat him he will disappear into a black cloud and will drop the armour and sword forged entirely from the litch diamond at the heart of ice heart mountain

The Nightshade Armour and The Frostmourne

he will also drop the lich key which is used for getting back through the door. you will then be faced with piles of gold, silver and platinum which you can use to your hearts content

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