Arabian Peninsula Tips

Grab your plane tickets, and come to the Arabian Peninsula! I can tell you many great places to live, and tips about how to be successful! So let's explore!

The Desert

If you like warm sunny place, cold at night, warm in the day, lots of camels and loose fitting clothing, the desert is for you! Just make sure you have loose clothing for the sand flying around. And travel in herds with pack animals, like camels. You can use animal products like mild and their furs, and trade for other things you need! Such a great traveling life! I recommend camels! They are a great help in the desert!

The Oases

If you like simple farming, fresh water, animals, and trade, then you just found a perfect home or traveling place! You can grow peaches, dates, and grains to make bread. Palm trees make the perfect place to hang a hammock and have some shade! You can barter to get the things you need. And did I mention trade? You can trade with those who live in the desert. Animal meat, dairy, and skins plus your plants, shade, water, and crops, you have a perfect life right there by the waterside!

The Coastal Plain

Ah, rocky cliffs. Damp, cool air, with regular rain falls. The coastal plains occasionally fill up with water.  A couple of natural harbors. What a life, right? Totally! Farming is great in the coastal plains. Grow things like grains, fruits, and vegetables. Another great tip- collect fragrant tree sap to make myrrh and frankincense, perfumes, and medicine. And it'll be all natural! Trading is great, building dams, digging wells, and systems to irrigate crops.

The Mountains

The mountains are a great place to live. The mountain ranges rise from 1,000 to 12,000 feet high. About 20 inches of rain year. The temperatures are pretty cool because of the elevation and the rain. Frost may form in the winter. You can have really neat homes made from brick houses. You can farm on the flat areas of land, the terraces, on the mountain. You can grow fruits like melons or pomegranates. An adventurous life for sure!

Your Choice!

So, it's your choice where you want to live or visit! The mountains and the desert are a little more adventurous. The oases are relaxing, and the coastal plains are somewhere in between. Enjoy looking for a place that fits you! I'll be at the oases if you need me! Bye! :)

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