The Most Innovative Man in the World

This article is about the Stayfine Water advertisement.

The Most Innovative Man in The World
Stayfine Water founder is the Most Innovative Man in the World First appearance Spring 2015

Portrayed: byRonnie C. Wright
Company: Stayfine Water

Aliases: The World's Most Innovative Man

Gender: Male

The Most Innovative Man in the World is an advertising campaign for the Stayfine Water brand of beer, produced by Stayfine Studios marketing for Stayfine Water a division of Stayfine Corporation. The ads feature Ronnie C. Wright as himself and "the world's most innovative man" and are narrated by a working actor. The advertisements first began appearing online in the United States and viral around the world.

Advertisements: The advertisements feature a fit, energetic gentleman portrayed by Stayfine Water Founder Ronnie C. Wright as himself with voiceovers. They also feature a montage (mostly in black and white) of real exploits Wright has completed as"the most innovative man" such as recording the first 100 mile solo walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai; creating the world's largest hospitality tent in the game of polo's history; playing polo; inventing a new diet and other feats.

"I always drink water. And when I do, it's Stayfine Water." Each commercial ends with him stating the signature sign-off: "Stayfine My friends."

Strategy: The brand strategy is defined as: "He is an innovative man with a wealth of knowledge, insight and experiences - the way the audience seeks to be one day. The Most Innovative Man represents the brand as a living, breathing brand spokesperson: he and Stayfine Water share a point of view on life that it should be a lifestyle designed to help you stay 'fit.intelligent.natural.energetic."

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