One Girl

"An educated girl can change the world"

Mission Statement

"To educate 1 million girls across Africa  by 2020"

One Girl is a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of life an education for girls in Sierra Leon, West Africa .


- Started in 2010

-Chantelle Baxter was the founder

-Headquarters in Australia  


- 66 million girls around the world are NOT in school

-  44% of girls are forced into marriage before age 18 in Sierra Leone

- Teenage pregnancy is the #1 reasons for drop outs in schools (Before the age of 15)

-  Only 15% of girls complete secondary school in Sierra Leone

- More than  70%  of people in Sierra Leone  earn less than $2 a day


- Launchpad

- Business Brains

- School Aswesomisation

- Scholarships

Get Involved!

- Volunteer

- Request a speaker

- Start your own project (fundraising)

- Become an ambassador  (active participation)

- Donate

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