The lost hero

by: Rick Riordan

My book is the lost hero this book is about Jason the son of Zeus. One day Jason wakes up on a bus with no idea of how he got there. Little does he know the goddess Hera has stolen his memory and the only way he can get it back is to save her from captivity. Well, he's not alone he has his "best friend" Leo son of Hephatus  and his "girl friend" Piper daughter of Aphrodite. In pipers dream or vision she soon learns her dad was captured and the only way to save him is to betray her friends. They soon decide to go save Hera easy right wrong along the way their attacked be hungry giants, crazy kings, and psychopathetic gods jealous yet. The group soon realize's there's a bigger threat. The question is will piper betray her friends? and who's the bigger threat?

My number one wondering was is there another safe haven for demi gods? Also are they steal considered demi gods if the god had them in their roman form?  A memory moment I had was when Thalia talked about Jason's disappearance. An aha moment was when Jason realized he has a sister. A tough question was if pipe was going to betray her friends or hope they'll help her save her father. I hope you enjoyed my book response.

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