The Power of Music

Music is important because it can help people express themselves. They can rhyme, rap, or just have a casual song but it can help someone express a point they may want to make but don't want to speak it in a story or poem. They may use music to help them convey a message or protest a subject. Some people just may make music to have fun and make a good song to listen to.

Music affects me because I listen to it for fun because I may like the beat, the words, or just like the voice of the person singing. When I listen to music and really listen to the words it can help me calm down if I'm not wanting to be in the outside world.

Special events use music to celebrate. They may use music for the beat so people can dance to it and have fun. Some events look at the mood of the music, and use that music to try to portray the audience to feel a certain way, for example if you are going to a wedding they are going to want to use happy/ up- beat music to try to make the audience happy and excited for everyone. If you are going to a funeral they might have sad/ calm music because it's a time of rememberence and they want people to feel sad and think back on someone live. For a yoga class, they might use calm music with a slow tempo to try to make the audience calmed and relaxed as they are doing yoga.

I am Christian and we use music to rejoice in church. Music can also help you learn about your culture if you really listen to the lyrics. For example in church they play songs and if you listen to them you can learn about other people and there lifestyles and what we believe in.

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3 years ago

Thoughtful, thorough job, Rachel. In the future, use some of the other aspects that could help to enhance your message - put music to it, for instance.