By Nick Hull

A flood in Georgia

Did you know that floods are one of the most death-related natural disasters in the world?

What is a Flood?

A flood is when lots of water flows over land that is usually dry.

How Floods Form

Floods can happen for many reasons. They can happen when...

  • Heavy rain falls for an extended period of time
  • Snow melts faster than expected because of increased radiation
  • Ocean waves come to shore because of strong winds
  • Dams or levees(high banks built on the side of a river) break

Examples of Floods

The Mississippi River Flood, 1927

Ten states got hit by this flood. There was an estimated 350 million dollars of property damage, which is equal to about 5 million dollars today. It killed 246 people in seven different states.

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

By 6 AM on August 28, 2005, Hurricane Katrina grew to a Category 5 hurricane(a classification used for hurricanes). It happened in New Orleans. It caused 81 billion dollars in property damage, killing 1,836 people.

What we are doing to prepare for floods

Levees in Louisiana

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and states near the Mississippi River started building better dams and higher levees. This way, floods will be at limited power, instead of full out. Also, we have put more bramble by beaches, so if wind pushes ocean waves toward us, then the bramble will slow the waves down. Now we have Channel 3000, so we can be prepared in case there is a flood. And recently, scientists have developed a way to predict floods with satellites.

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