Final Project

Find and evaluate a movie poster

The main purposes of a movie poster are to draw attention, give some idea what the movie is about, and make people want to see the movie. The movie poster I have picked to evaluate is the Monsters university poster. In this poster it includes a large image of Sulley and Mike from the movie and the contrasting blue words and white background to make it stand out and draw attention to the movie poster. Even though the title is not written out I think Disney/Pixar chose to make it more for past fans who know the original story. The big MU and release date and brand are clearly shown though. I believe the idea is clearly shown; you can tell it going to be a monster movie by the large monsters shown right on there. You can also clearly see the monsters will be going to school with all the school books that mike are standing on and the fact that they are wearing varsity jackets. On the books you can read scaring and screams and how to be a complete monster so it kinda tells you that there going to scare school. When the fans of the previous fans of monsters inc. see the characters they will want to see what Disney has done to the monsters this time. When I first saw the poster, with Sulley being my favorite movie character of all time, I was very excited to see them as college students. Plus Pixar and Disney made sure there manes were shown on the poster because both have past success with movie making and selling.

Find and evaluate a movie trailer

The movie trailer I picked is warm bodies released by Summit Entertainment on February of 2013. I believe this was a really good trailer and brought forward the five basic strategies for designing them. The trailer lays out the plot line to show the audience what the show will be about, the movie clearly is going to be a movie about a zombie, named R, falling in love with a human. It teases the film to make it clear but leave you wanting to see more and what happens between the two, and wondering how the whole friendship will work out. Most of what they show looks like it’s the starting of the movie with the whole parts with him introducing what he is and what the boneys are. Plus I know they are because I have seen the film. The climax of the movie is shown, at least parts with the two sides fighting and the boneys braking in to the building and attacking the people. The in between scenes like him meeting the girl and the scene with him saying nice watch is kind of like a way to show that it’s supposed to a romantic comedy, so someone won’t go there thinking the whole thing is going to be a serious scary zombie movie. This would be a way to mix in clips that go to their target audience, which is probably teenage range girls, and to show the general feel of the movie.

marketing strategies for the movie world

When movie makers are coming out with new ideas for a film there is a lot of things that need to be thought of. One being the interest of people and are they actually going to like our film. Take the Vampire Academy movie for example, yes it was a already a really good selling book with many fans in and out of the states, but Reliance Entertainment had to take a risk when producing it. Maybe it won’t work as a movie. They needed to pick cast like Lucy Fry for Lissa or Zoey Deutch for Rose. Then they have to come up with scenes and locations to bring everything together. Then they needed to figure out how to get it promoted by making trailer and Movie posters, putting them in the theaters and use other methods to get the word out about their product, In this case being a vampire movie. The promoting part usually starts at least a year before the movie comes out.

Distributions methods is another plan they need to come up with are they going to send it to the movies or straight to DVD and or television. Is it going to be available for Netflix or sent to Redbox to be rented. There are a lot of factors that go into that decision: cast, story line, budget, and even who produces it. In my example used before they believed sending it to the movie theaters seemed like the best idea. It all starts at the idea and all the stops the movie goes to before ending up on the screen before you. Shown in the picture before are the steps it takes. starting with producers, then distributors, and last either the movie theaters or straight to the consumers

There are many ways to promote your movie on the internet. A lot of movies that come out now have a website, different types of social media, or both. It’s so future audience can go online to see extra trailers, play game, and have a way to see if they will actually enjoy the movie, or see who is cast in the movie. is a good example because all or most of their newer movies are there with games and behind the scenes making of their films allowing for a more interactive view. Facebook also allows the movie makers to post videos and spread the news by getting people to share or like there page or statuses.

Artifact: 30 Seconds To Mars

When a new artist is just starting out in the business, signing with a major label may sound like an amazing idea you have a better chance of global popularity because the label you signed with has connections and can more easily promote you. They also pay for the start of you album making. But doing this comes with an enormous cost and what happens to your career is basically up to them. They can even choice to not promote you at all and just leave you to the side, so you can’t sign with anybody else that might help you. A fair deal should involve the movie used to promote the band, start them out, and to distribute the music should be taken out first from sales; and after that is taken care of the music label can take 80 percent of the money. The band should get money from merchandise and ticket sales.

30 Seconds To Mars movie Artifact shows the issues of major recording labels. The label sues the band for 30 million dollars. The band believed they should not been stuck to the contract because California contracts are only supposed to be legal for seven years, which the band has succeeded. The label disagreed and said they need to make three labels and they have not done that yet. during the movie the band had to decide what they were going to, sign with the their label again or go their own way. In the end they choose to sign with them as long as the deal was fair. They decided going there own way would take to much effort and time, making there time for being a band and making music harder. In the end they still didn't get money from sales but This is War was able to come out in time

Amusement park

    When you open the website the first thing is rides and and bright color which is exciting for all ages. Its also simple with labels to make it easy for the customer to find what they went there looking for. When you look at rides you can find different things for all ages which is good, and it even has a water park for those warm summer day. It nice for consumers but also is economically good for the park because an entire water park costs less than one roller coaster.

    They have constant prices for general admission listed below:

    General Admission $64.99

    Children Under 48" $44.99

    Children 2 & Under FREE

    The general admission is constant but they are special offer available on the website. Some of the offers include coupons for inside the park if you book at local hotels like Hampton or Holiday Inn. There are also special event weekends or days that allow you to go for a lower price if you are involved in these things, like military family days. They also have group events that you can book before you go, like every year my youth group goes to Valley Fair for a discounted rate because we bring groups of over twenty people.

    What we did when we went, and I loved this was the flash pass. It allows less waiting and is completely easy to get. When you buy your tickets online you can also get them for little extra like $5 but quantities are limited per day. They allow you too skip the long lines and go to a separate area so you can get on faster. This allows you to enjoy your day and ride more than you could before, or you could spend your extra time buying hot dogs ore ice cream.

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