Severe Hurricanes

How Hurricanes Form?

A hurricane forms when warm ocean water gives energy to winds that push humid air into the atmosphere.  Wind then blows outward above the storm allowing the air below to rise. Once this happens humid air rising makes the clouds of the storm(Convection)(When warm air rises because it is less dense than other air).  Then light winds around the storm steer the hurricane and allow it to grow.  To form a hurricane need a warm front(Warm air), extremely low pressure(Little to no sunshine), very warm temperatures, and it needs cumulonimbus clouds(Storm clouds).

Historical Hurricane Events and Facts About Them

Hurricane San Calixto is known as the most deadly hurricane ever.

-Destroyed 584 of 600 houses

-Killed 22,000 people

-Multiple hurricanes formed together when passing through it's victim the caribbean islands

-Formed by the North Atlantic Ocean

-unable to find amount of residents injured

-This map displays where hurricane San Calixto hit around the caribbean islands

Hurricane Katrina

-Hit the city of New Orleans and many other cities around New Orleans

-Destroyed 80% of New Orleans

-Killed 1,833 people

-Formed by the same body of water as hurricane San Calixto (North Atlantic Ocean)

-705 people reported missing

-repairs cost $135 billion

-70% of houses damaged

-unable to find amount of people injured

-This map shows where Hurricane Katrina hit

The Impact Hurricanes Have Left on us Today

-We now have warning sirens to tell us to prepare for a hurricane

-Meteorologists can predict hurricanes 3 days before it happens

-We now have air crafts that can measure the intensity of a hurricane

-Cities build more brick houses now to be more safe from the hurricane

-We have radars and satellites to tell us if a hurricane is happening soon

-We now have shelters to protect from hurricanes

-People know to get to higher land during severe weather

-People know to stock up on food and tools before severe weather happens

Fun Facts About Hurricanes

-Hurricanes are a spinning storm 340 miles long

-Hurricanes are classified as the deadliest severe weather

-40% of hurricanes in the US hit Florida

-Hurricanes can release 2.4 trillion gallons of rain a day

-The deadliest hurricane recorded in the US hit Gavlestown, Texas

-Hurricanes rotate counter clockwise

-In the Atlantic hurricanes season starts June 1st but in the pacific it starts May 15th both end November 30

-The word hurricane comes from the Taino native american word hurucane meaning evil spirit of the wind



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