A threat to the society!

Why is instagram a threat ?

  • When people post their pictures on Instagram other people compare them to models and celebrities  on magazines to make them look bad.  
  • Fact most teenage girls are  scared to post their pictures on Instagram because they get commented bad things on the way their body looks.
  • Some people take pictures of other people unauthorized and then post it on Instagram to make them look bad.
  • When they take the pictures, they don't even give credit or if they sell it share the money with the person that was in the picture.

What can instagram do to improve ?

 Instagram should not allow bad comments to pass through the commenting box filter it to block an opportunity for bullying and a chance for worst  situations  

Comment Stream

3 years ago

You have chosen a great set of images to support your argument that Instagram has a negative effect on society! I would remove the images of the Instagram cupcakes because they are not strong images like the picture with the boy being choked by a bullies words. Great example of what a bully can do to someone's self-esteem.