My Utopia.
I welcome you to my imaginary utopia. Its a so-called perfect world but then again... Nothing is perfect. Bad stuff still happens, what would life be without mistakes?

  Everyone agrees on laws together as one.
  The People vote and agree. changes will be made as needed until everyone agrees.
  No school after middle school.
   you can begin to apply your opinion to the laws after you finish school.
 When laws are broken, Your 1st time in jail can be the maximum of 180 days. if you have a family there are visitation rights provided.
  trouble in jail-consequences will be advised. rules will be followed.
  Trouble after released from jail will result in more jail time depending on the law broken.
 Jail rules are enforced. community doesn't get a say in punishment.
  Police officers will investigate and turn information in to the chief of police, and he determines if their innocent or guilty.  

 Students are required to attend school until the 8th grade.
 Required classes are- Math, reading, English, science, world history, art, gym, and music.
 Elementary schools are required to teach children their color's, A B C's, words, spelling, about the past, give them exercise, show them the ways of art and the beat to music.
 After your finished with 8th grade you are allowed to voice your opinion on the laws.
 Continuing your education would be your own choice and would cost nothing.

 You control your own family and all your decisions.
 Families aren't regulated you can have as many kids as you want.
 your able to choose your mate, love partner, husband, or wife.   Your not forced to marry somebody you don't know and/or Love.
 Your home is unique and none are the same.
 everybody has their own room, or space in the home.  

 Neighborhoods are the same as the are now in our community. no houses look the same and set up on the insides are different.
 you can choose to live in an apartment, house, duplex. anywhere you want.
 You design your home the way you chose you don't have to paint it a certain color or have a certain setup.
Homes include a living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, basement, attic. and maybe more.

1. Jail- The function is to control and punish people for doing wrong, show them the way to live on the positive side.
The type of people chosen for the job are responsible people who take pride in protecting the people of their community.
People are chosen by proving they are capable of doing what it takes to protect the people around in danger. They take many classes to help qualify for the part.
2. Stores-
They provide what we need to live our daily life's.
The functions of working at a store is to show costumers that your there if they need help finding something they are looking for or to help them check out.
People chosen for the job must prove they are a responsible employee and that they can be trusted in the store.
 people are chosen by respectfulness and kindness to other people.
 They have to be trained on where things go and to use the register.
3. Hospital-
the job function is To take care of people who are hurt or ill.
People chosen for the job must be gentle with all types of people.
People are trained by continuing their education in the medical field. it would be their choice to attempt to be a doctor or nurse.
4. schools-
the functions of working in a school are to be good with kids and to be able to teach them what they're supposed to know about life.
 The type of people chosen for this job are happy people who can tolerate active hyper children. Somebody who doesn't get mad easily and can hold their temper.
People who continue their education are chosen for the job in a school.
 you must take classes to be trained for the job.
5. The kid zone (boys and girls club)-
 The function of this job is to interact with children from all ages and enjoy time with them. have fun and make sure their safe.
 The type of people who are chosen for this job love kids, playing activities, coloring, reading and helping with problems at home or school.
Kids should be able to come in and be comfortable like its a second home. a place to get away and have as much fun as they can without getting in any trouble.
 Unemployed people must do an odd job to receive any type of income.

  yes, Our currency is called moolah!! Fancy for cash.

 People would get around by driving in cars, train, jets, or a self driven mini car (just for fun or for self transportation.  

My Utopian climate's is a seasonal one, but there's only only 3. Summer, spring and fall. It never gets cold. Winter doesn't exist. The community is beautiful all year around. It still rains often around in our community,  

People in our community spend up to 35 hours a week on recreation.
For fun people in our community have many places you can go as a family or just with friends. Students are allowed to go work on homework, they do activities when they are finished. Activities include a trampoline Room, basketball court, football field out side, Volley ball court in side and out. Any sports there was a certain room they could be played in. In our community there are day cares all around for all ages. They don't cost much. Nothing cost much in our world.
People in my utopia spend their free time with family and friends. boredom don't exist, there is always something to do.
people now-a-days, sit at home because there isn't much to do in Dubuque Iowa.
You can have any type of pet you would like as long as their properly trained to be around people. There are wild animals, they are cheetah's, elephants, tigers, loins, And many more others.  

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