My name is Dominic and I am obviously not good at taking pictures. It took me a good fifteen minutes to learn where the camera was, to take a picture, and how to save it to my drive so I could upload it to this take so I'm also not very good with technology. I love to play sports and workout. I have four dogs, three at my moms and one at my dads. I'm pretty shy when I first meet people but loosen up once I get to know people.

3 Interesting Things About Me


I love to play sports and was on the football team this year with "White Lighting" (Shown Above) and I am currently on the wrestling team. I may seem pretty nice in the class room but when I'm on the field or mat I am a completely different person. I love the fight and hard work that comes with sports. I am also a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan!


The majority of my heritage is Italian so I'm kinda hairy and love a good bowl pasta and meatballs. My grandparents even used to own a little Italian restaurant called Mr. C's. My mother was a waitress there until they had to sell the restaurant. What was Mr. C's is now Serafinie's which is located in Erie now. I love my Aunt Anna's homemade meatballs which she still serves at the restaurant today.


I am a big movie watcher. My favorite actor of all time has to Sylvester Stallone. My favorite movie that he made, that is also my favorite movie of all time, is Rocky VI where Rocky Balboa avenges the death of his best friend Apollo Creed, by beating notorious Ivan Drago from the Soviet Union. I can talk about movies all day long and frequently make movie quotes from Will Ferrell movies.


1. I am going to join the Navy SEAL's when I grow up. I plan to accomplish this by learning as much as I can in school and making myself as physically fit as I can through sports.

2. I am going to get my room more organized by putting my clothes away instead of just leaving them in the basket until I need them.

3.  I am going to pin someone with a cross face cradle the next match we have. I will accomplish this by practicing on this move on my partner in practice.

Place I would love to Travel to

I would love to travel to Venice, Italy sometime in my life so I could experience what it is really like to be in Italy and see some of the awesome buildings. I know it sounds girly but I also want to ride in one of the little boats on the water through the city. I always want to see where my family comes from. It may not be Venice but I could get a good idea just from experiencing what the city has to offer.

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