Byzantine's Perspective


I. Jerusalem was important to the Byzantine empire during the crusades because they were mainly Christians, and Jerusalem is a holy city for Christians. Also, the Byzantine empire was looking to reclaim their land, as they had control of Jerusalem until they were invaded.

II. The byzantine people were starting to get fearful of a new group named the Seljuks. Byzantium was not as distressed for religious sites such as the Church of the Holy Sepucher in Jerusalem. As they were for the threat of being overran by this new group of people. The Seljuk troops pushed  to Anatolia and devastated the Byzantine forces in the clash of Manzikert in 1071 where the emperor was taken as hostage.

III. The crusades, originally intended to save the Byzantine Empire, among other things, although this failed and did the opposite. The crusaders sacked Byzantine cities and eventually captured Constantinople in 1204. They then used Constantinople as the capital of what is called the Latin Empire, which it remained, until the Byzantines managed to recapture it in 1264. The Byzantine Empire never really recovered from this, though it held on for almost another 200 years.

IV. The byzantine saw other groups such as the franks to be ignorant barbarians. That could not be trusted. However they did admire there wealth.   

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