New Resolutions ... New Opportunities

About 8% of New Year's Resolutions are Actually Met

Together we CAN change this statistic! Research shows successful resolution keepers are those who:

  • Keep it Simple by going after something concrete and attainable
  • Make It Obvious through reflection and measuring what is important
  • Engage in Partnerships with those who positively support with no judgement

Do New Year's Resolutions Matter?

Do You Have a New Year's Resolution?

Would you be willing to make an instructional commitment as a New Year's Resolution within your classroom? Together we would:

  • Keep it Simple by setting a concrete learning goal for your students. We will plan and see this goal through using strategies for best practice
  • Make Learning Obvious through reflection and measuring our progress based on student evidence
  • Engage in Partnership as partnering with a coach builds resiliency through a positive support system for trying new and innovative practices in the classroom

Schedule a Planning Session

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