1. Being loyal to your family is important

     Family is important, they're usually always there for you. Nobody knows you better than your family does. They're with you through your good and bad times, so it's only right that you're there for them too. Even if your family isn't always loyal to you, you should still be there for them because nobody else will tolerate them as much as you, and they could learn from you. Sometimes, family f**k each other over so they can't always be loyal.

2. People should be punished for breaking the law

       I agree and disagree with that statement. I agree because if you do something like killing and or something that affects innocent people in a bad way then it's reasonable. The reason why I don't agree is because there are laws that the government made that are beyond irrelevant. Some of the laws that we have don't affect anyone besides themselves, which I think is pointless to have because if someone wants to do something in their life that will mess them up then that's their choice.

3. Our lives are fated to play out a certain way

        God already has a plan for all of our lives. We live the way we live and do the things we do for a reason. Luck is something that the mind fools you with because we can't tell the future but it's fake. Some of our actions are gonna get to us later which is why doing good and being good is a smart thing to do.

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3 years ago

I'm really captivated by your last argument, Mohamed. You need to make sure that you use SPECIFIC examples to support your big ideas.