Tropical Dessert

Have you ever wanted to eat a cactus, sand doom, buggy ride, sand board,or

hang glide.Well now you can.You may be wondering how.Just come on down to the tropical desert.

There are more activities you can do like, camel riding,horse back riding, hiking.

Animal Life!!

There is much much animal life in the tropical desert. Animals like dingos, dromedaries, Arabian horses, meerkats, jack rabbits,and sand cobras. One of the desert birds is called the road runner.

The road runner either lives by itself or in pairs. they like to eat lizards and other insects. They also like to eat mice and fruit. In the morning when it hasn't gotten warm yet, they put they dark colored patches of feathers toward the sun to warm themselves. The word road runner comes from where they would chase after moving vehicles going down the road, then darting to a safe bush. It is the state bird of Mexico.

If you visit this biome you will have to be careful of a few animals. For example you should steer clear of the sand cobra it has a venomous bite. Other animals that are venomous you should out for also. Other than that we think you would have a wonderful time with the wild life In the tropical desert biome.

Weather in the Tropical Desert

The tropical desert has an unique weather climate. Tropical deserts are known to be the hottest place on Earth. The deserts temperatures are high in the day and cold at night. A great time to visit the tropical desert for vacation is in June. The climate isn't too high or too low, and you wouldn't have to worry about your children missing any school work. Bring comfortable clothes to walk around and explore the desert in. You wouldn't have too worry about being too cold. This trip will make you never want to leave!

Plants of the Tropical Desert

The prickly pear cactus despite the funny name the cactus is very important to the animals and the people that live there they are used for shelter for the animals food for the animals they are uesed for food and crops

Here is what you can expect if you visit the tropical desert.

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