Mammoths are one of the most mysterious creatures. Mostly because we don't know how the Mammoths died.

What The Mammoths Were

Mammoths are basically the giant version of Elephants. The difference is that the Mammoth had more than a Elephant. The Woolly Mammoth also have sharper tusk.

What Did Mammoths do In life

Well like any other herbivore they searched for food. They were actually like other animals because. They fought each other for a mate and they cared for their young very much. It was also rare but they would be hunted by, Bears, Dire Wolves, or by big cats.

The Food Chain

The Mammoth was basically on top of the food chain. The reason was because, they had giant tusks and they were really big. The only thing predators could kill that was a Mammoth was a baby Mammoth.

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