Word Problem: Quadratic Equation

B. Vences, 10/14/13; 2nd period.

the quadratic equation is a way to solve for x in the (x,y) ordered pair but it can be used to solve in word problems such as money problems.

your class is selling boxes of flower seeds as a fundraiser. The total profit p depends on the amount of x that your class charges for each box of seeds. the equation is -.,5x^2+25x-166 models the profit of the fundraiser. What's the smallest amount of dollars that you can charge and make a profit of at least $109?

the equation is set up this way because the formula must equal something to 109$ since the answer it is asking is a profit I can make that will equal at least 109$.

subtract 109 from both sides

then break down the equation to A, B C, from the standard equation y=ax^2+bx+c, and replace the variables in the quadratic formula with the values of A, B, & C.

Then simplify and solve the quadratic formula and you should be left with 2 answers

the question asks for how much can you charge the least to make a profit of 109$ and since the answer can't be a negative, and since 16.34 < 33.66 then answer is 16.34 since you are looking for the lowest value that isn't a negative.

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