Australian Stereotypes and Voices.

1) What is a stereotype? What are two Australian stereotypes that you have learned about and how accurate are they in your opinion?

A stereotype is a presumed opinion or assumption based on an image or information a person has previously heard/seen.

A common Australian stereotype is that all Australian's own kangaroos, koalas and other native animals as pets, also related to this is the common misconception that kangaroos can be ridden, and that we ride them to work. This is a very strange stereotype as some of these animals are quite dangerous and the majority of the population of them are wild.

The second stereotype I noticed was the stereotype that all Australians know how to surf/swim (which fits into the bronzed Aussie ideal) and spend most of their days at the beach and that their home is by the beach. I believe that this stereotype is incorrect for many reasons. Here in australia a majority of the population know how to swim but even still as any other country there are some people who do not know how to swim or cannot swim well due to their socioeconomic status and/or location.

2) How can stereotypes be damaging to a person or group?

Stereotypes and stereotyping can be damaging to a person because it makes them feel as if they have to live up to a certain standard or are sometimes even confined and oppressed by that standard. Stereotypes can also carry a negative stigma with them which might affect the person or group negatively.

3) Explain the three different Australian Accents that you have come across this week. Which accent do you feel that you have and why? What does this reveal about you and your background?

General accents represent the most common type of English spoken in Australia.

Broad accents are usually described as more extreme (and associated with more working-class speech),

Cultivated accents are a prestige variety closer to the British pronunciation and is spoken by the minority.

After thinking about the different accents, which I have concluded are more slight variations in pronunciation of certain words. I have decided that I have a general Australian accent as are most of the people in the local area however some are leaning more towards the broad accent especially the older generations, from experience I think that people originating from Melbourne have a slightly cultivated accents too.

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