Alphabetical advice

Accept differences.
Before you say, think.
Consider ,other people.
Don't put other people down.
Enjoy, the world.
Fix all that has fallen apart.
Get things done.
Have pride in your self.
In the world anything possible.
Just think on the positive side.
Kindness helps you in life.
Love what you do, do what you love.
Make your word heard.
Not every thing work out in life.
Others have feelings to.
Politeness goes a long way.
Quit putting yourself down.
Refrain from saying what shouldn't be said.
Start making the earth a better place.
Try and keep on trying.
Understand other people.
Volunteer for a reason.
Without plans, nothing works.
X doesn't always mark the spot
Your never better than everyone and,everyone is equal.
Zero in your thoughts.