Directions: Answer each question on a sheet of paper.

1. The section of the newsletter that contains the name of the newsletter is called the _____.

2. The subhead section of a newsletter includes ________ and ____________.

3. When lines of text in the body of a newsletter are aligned with the right and left margins, it is said to be ________________.

4. A line of text that tells the reader where to find the rest of the article in the newsletter is called a __________line.

5. A container that holds text that be positioned anywhere on the page is called a ___.

6. The space between columns in a newsletter are called _____.

7. A pull quote is used to ____.

8. Graphics are used in a newsletter to _____.

9. In order to create a new section with a different number of columns in the document, a _____ must be created.

10. The first line of text on a flyer is called the _________.