Larry Chavira( Nom Nom Culture)

Christopher Columbus found the Nom Nom culture, when he was voyaging to Asia in 1492. One day at sea he stopped at an Island know as "Mola Mola Way" (he didn't know that at the time). He was looking for some extra fruit for the ride, when he suddenly felt the earth crackle, then next the he knew an apple fell from a tree above and Boom! The sandy gravel split in thousands and he fell into the dark pit. He felt the cold sensation in his body, as the water current led him to the shore.

When he awoke the next day he was still in the same spot as the night before, he heard little noises coming from the other room. He stood up and followed the echo, when he walked into the next room he saw these little green creatures in bunches. One group was chanting like an old Indian tribe singing "Cha Cha Cha I am a Nom Nom Cha Cha Cha." They were speaking English but he was still amazed at the tiny little size of them, he could fit one in the palm of his hand. He looked up at the wall and saw drawings of there culture, from years past they once lived up in the clouds with there God "Hola Hola Cula"  and got sent to this cave when it got attacked in 1305. Now they worship there God everyday for the life he gave them by sending them away so they wouldn't get harmed.

Chris walked to the next room across, and there were all the women and children they were learning how to to spell, eat, and chant there prayers. The mothers were either teaching, or making little clothes for there family. Chris looked up at the wall again and this time saw when a baby hit 6 weeks old they would put a pencil or a nail in front of the infant. And the baby would choose either work or school, if he picked school he would go to school until he was 5 years old and then he would go out of the cave and go teach his culture else where. But if he picked the nail then he would only go to school until 2 years old, and then be put to work deeper in the cave.

He entered the next room, and saw that it was empty but all these little squares were cut into the sand. He noticed that one of the Nom Nom's was sleeping, and realized these were there beds, they all slept together. He looked up at the wall once more, and saw that they used to all have there own homes up in the clouds. But when they were sent away they decided to all stay in the same room so if there God ever came back he could get every single one. Every single family here is apart of each other they all look out for one another no matter what, they never fight because they feel that if they do they will be shunned from there home for ever and ever.

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