Geological Time Project

Nikola Opacic and David Prior

What animal are we fossilizing

The Whorl Toothed Share is a marine animal that is related to the shark. This is a fine specie to fossilize because of its plentiful bones and spiraling teeth.

how to fossilize

This shark would have died due to natural causes, giving us a nice whole body to fossilize. When it died it sank to the bottom of the ocean where it decomposed and lay at the bottom of the ocean. The body was then covered in sand or another substance which compacted making a mold of the body.

What parts are fossilized

The parts that are going to be fossilized are the spiraling jaw and razor sharp teeth. The skin, organs and cartilage skeleton would have decomposed before the fossil was molded.

How was it dicovered

One day a team of deep sea archaeological were on a sea voyage looking for new species. While one of the was diving, he came upon a mold a a strange spiraled figure. After examining it he found out that it was the jaw of a Whorl Toothed Shark.

Backspin the shark!

Backspin the shark was epic bro who spent his days ravaging the ocean fighting anyone who tried to mess with him. He would always win and loved his life. After having a nice long life, he died happily. After thousands of years his body fossilized and a team of archaeologis

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