"It's hard to be CHRSTN"

21 days of laughter , sadness and precious moments with family, friends , books and of course my dearest laptop


Day 1 - July 14, '14

Dear Tackk,

It's the start of centennial break. So, before I get myself drunk to my homeworks, I treated myself first by getting a hair makeover. Since my hair was so frizzy back then, I'd try to have a haircut and have it a style because my grandma thought that my hair is like a broom so I had no choice but to let go my long, frizzy hair to shoulder-length yet smooth and silky layered hairstyle. I really love the outcome of my hair makeover because it's smooth and my hairstylist told me to comb my hair and use conditioner to avoid frizzy hair. I hope that everyone would love my new hair look...

9:00 P.M.

Day 2 - July 15, '14

Dear Tackk,

I just finish reading this book. You know what? I really love novels about vampires. I just got this giddy feeling that I can't rid of when I buy one like this. But this book is really special to me because my mom bought it for me. See, books are like my drug, my own remedy. When I read one, I feel like I'm in a safe haven where I can find my own peace of mind.

I wish that I could have more books to read...

10:01 P.M.

Day 3 - July 16, '14

Dear Tackk,

This day was so exhausting. Yes, it's cold but what happened to our old tree wasn't good and it really tires us all. That typhoon just hurt our precious tree. I feel so pity to our tree...

3:09 A.M.

Day 4 - July 17, '14

Dear Tackk,

I've done reading a book. And that book made me cry bigtime. The book was all about Brie Eagan, she's a sweet girlfriend, a loving daughter, a cool sister and the sincerest friend that you could ever had. But one day, her boyfriend dump her and this broke her heart literally, and died. And when she's D&G (Dead and Gone), she met Patrick...a resident lost soul. He taught a lot of things and steps so she can finally move on. But as she tries to move on, a lot of secrets revealed. Her dad had an affair to Mrs. Benner, her teacher and also their neighbor. Her best friend Sadie had a relationship with Jacob that made her angry but the truth is, her boyfriend is gay and Sadie is the only person he can confide with. But the real twist in the story is....PATRICK.Well, just read the book and you'll know what's behind of THE CATASTROPHIC HISTORY OF YOU & ME.

A heartwarming and yes, heartbreaking but you'll learn a lot of it.

10:18 P.M.

Day 11 - July 24, '14

Dear Tackk,

It's been a long time!

Well, guess what? A lot of things happen this past few days. My uncle just got confined in the ICU, but don't worry he's recovering right now. Our internet connection is so freaking slow because of the typhoon and the power supply is not stable so I've been like a caveman. My phone was my buddy during that time that's why when the power supply and internet connection was fixed, I immediately update you of what happened to me. Oh, before I go! I just finished reading the book that I bought last month. And just like the previous book,this book made me cry again. This book made me believe in Love again...

11:03 P.M.

Day 12 - July 25, '14

Dear Tackk,

TGIF!!! I had my selfie while watching my favorite series, Reign.

It was a tiring day for me but I still managed to pose in a camera.

I'm done with my homework but not all, I'm not yet done with my homework in LIT. I don't know if what book or where I can find the books I need that can provide the answers for this.

I hope that I could finish it all...

10:00 P.M.

Day 13 - July 26, '14

Dear Tackk,

I've attended a wedding with my grandmas.

It was good but the best part of the wedding was the reception. I love the food that was served. It was also remarkable because it was a reunion with my relatives...

11:10 P.M.

Day 15 - July 28, '14

Dear Tackk,

I'm with my aunt today. We had our girl bonding. We also watched the SONA of our President while drinking coffee...

Day 16 - July 29, '14

Dear Tackk,

I want to share something.

This was taken when I was 5 years old. My grandmother said that I was like an angel before. An angel who doesn't want to smile.She always thought that I was a selfish girl because I only smile when my Mom is there, she said that when I was with her, I keep on crying. Well, I said to her that she looks like a monster that's why I don't smile. But I love her so much. Even though she keeps on complaining about my rudeness and ranting about my selfishness. I really admire her. Though I hate her guts and being protective to me. I really hate that if she's gone I'm alone and lonely...

BTW, she's the one who took that picture.

11:50 P.M.