A ballad is a poem or song that relates to a specific story. Often, ballads are about love--either lost or found-- or about an event or interaction that says something about the human condition. They are thought of as romantic and are often tragic. Reading ballads by other writers can be very helpful when you are trying to come up with your own ballad.

Sample Poem

by Palious Thatcher

I yearn to be free,

But there is something inside,
Something dreadful is holding me,
The beast and monster to me has cried,
Cried through all the day long,
Bitter is its nagging song,
Ballad after ballad, death and pain,
I fear hope willn't return again,
Oppressed and abused all hopes lost,
My heart is the one that pays the cost,
The sorrow and pain they beat in my chest,
Like a thousand drums, oh, when shall they rest?