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  Do you know stuff gets stolen every day, including at Grant School. But if we had lockers stuff wouldn’t get stolen. We need lockers at Grant School.

We need lockers at Grant School. A reason is because when you pull the lunch tub out back packs fall off of the hooks. If the tub makes backpacks fall off the hooks, backpacks can get lost. For example, I heard my friend Isabel say we need lockers at Grant School. I remember my friend Eva’s back pack on the ground in second grade.

Another reason is because stuff gets lost and you can’t find it. If you lose your jacket or coat you can’t go outside if its cold. If you can’t find it you can check the lost and found. Or next time put it in your locker.Thats another reason why i think we need lockers

Last, but not least, we need lockers because they are more private. If lockers are more private then people can’t see private stuff. For example, if somebody has a picture of you in their locker they can’t see it. Somebody might bully you and steal your stuff, but if you put it in your locker they won’t know your combination.

You might have some questions about this topic. Where would we put the lockers? I would put them where the hooks used to be. How will we get the money? We can do a fundraiser to get

the money.

We need lockers at grant school. You might change your mind that we need lockers at Grant School. Together we can help do a fundraiser so we can buy lockers. Please talk to Dr. Wingert about getting lockers at Grant School.

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