CNC Manufacturing
by: Jonathan Rosa

Session 1:

Session 1 was about learning how to use the CNC Manufacturing machine. It basically was about moving positive and negative which is up and down and x-negative to x-positive and Y-negative to Y-positive. I think they tough us to work it before we use it because then we would have no idea of how to use it if they didn't teach us how to.

Session 2:

Session 2 was about making  a square with the manual type which means u have to use the buttons to move the machine. I first had to draw a square with the marker on the tile then put it in the machine and follow the line I drew with the marker.

Session 3 :

In Session 3 we Learned about the Cartesian Coordinate system and how it relates to machine movement.

Session 4 :

in session 4 we milled are 3rd tile by the computer.

Session 5 :

in session 5 we milled a tile by the computer and we got to use clip art

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