Dylan Scott                        Brighton Beach Memoirs

                  The Great Depression

The Great Depression took place from 1929 to 1941, because there was a stock market crash; Leaving common civilians helpless for years. By 1930 6,000 people were unemployed, leaving them with no money to have their basic necessities for their family. With America suffering even more every year, the Great Depression eventually ended in 1941 due to the Pearl Harbor bombing.

College That Eugene Would Go To

The college that Eugene would have most likely gone to would have been Columbia University, not only because it is in New York but also because it is a very reputable college, and they have classes for writing. There is no information on the tuition of this college in the 1930's, neither is there information on how much books and other necessary tools cost, nor is there information on the schools mascot which is odd. The differences in colleges from the 1930's to now is that for one, black people were looked down upon during this time, and it was very hard for anyone that is black to really do anything, sometimes the professors would fail them just because they're black. The cost of gas averaged around 10 cents in the United States. The cost of different foods are as seen below, thanks to ThePeopleHistory.com Applesauce 20 cents for 3 cans New Jersey.
Bacon, 38 cents per pound New Jersey.
Bread, white, 8 cents per loaf New Jersey.
Ham, 27 cents can New Jersey.
Ketchup, 9 cents New Jersey.
Lettuce, iceberg, 7 cents head New Jersey.
Potatoes 18 cents for 10 pounds New Jersey.
Sugar, 49 cents for 10 pounds New Jersey.
Soap, Lifebuoy, 17 cents for 3 bars New Jersey. Here are the costs for new cars in the 1930's
Coach was around $495
Coup was around $485
Sedan was around$640
Plymouth Six starting from $445
Studebaker Truck starting from $625
Hudson Straight 8 from $695
Arvin Car Radio from $44.95
Studebaker starting from from $665.00
De Soto, $695.00
Pontiac Eight, $730.00

                   Stans Apology Letter
   Dear Mr. Stroheim, I am writing to you to sincerely apologize for my actions yesterday. At the time I thought that what I did was fair, I see now that it was uncalled for and I am sorry for doing so. Sweeping dirt on your shoes was not only very wrong of me. Although it was also very disrespectful and the last thing I want is for my peers to be inspired by that rude behavior.
    I will make sure that I will never give you that type of behavior, and I will also make sure that no other employee will treat you with the same disrespect. You are a wonderful boss, and it is truly humbling and an honor to know someone of your stature. I am extremely lucky to have the honor of working for you. It's thanks to you that I am who I am today.
    The reason why you should give me another chance is because I solemnly swear never to disrespect you again; to make sure that that type of behavior will never come to your workplace. to start off, I can sweep the floors or clean the bathrooms. Just to work for you again is all I ask for.

Broadway Show
The Broadway show I chose was The Phantom of the Opera. The first show was on April 30th, at 2:00pm, the cost of tickets start at $105.0, and interestingly children under the age of four wont be allowed into the theater. Here's a review and a video on the play.

Personal Review
Brighton Beach Memoirs was a well scripted and  well thought out play. The characters flowed amazingly with each other and the overall flow of the play was seamless. My favorite part of the play was at the end, when Eugene's brother gave him a nude photo of a girl, and when his mom asked him to come down for dinner he replied with something along the lines of "I'll be down in a minute, just gotta finish something real quick." I thought that was just a funny add-on to the play. My favorite character was Stan, I didnt really "like" any of the characters but I could relate to Stan the most out of all the other characters. The decisions he made and overall personality he had is somewhat similar to mine. I wouldn't really recommend this play to anyone simply because I dont enjoy these types of plays and I wouldn't recommend something I didn't fully enjoy to someone that is a friend.

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