Week of March 16th

1.How did you make the theme your own?

displacement- I took the picture of her smiling because when you believe in yourself you are happy.

lucky- I took it as My house makes me happy. Being able to have this house right now is so amazing considering my house fire a little over  a year ago and I helped build this house.
2.What do you like about your photo?

displacement-I like that she is laughing/smiling.

lucky- I like how my dogs are win the picture because I'm also lucky to have them.
3.What would you change?

displacement- The picture I chose. I don't like how it forms to her face on her nose.

lucky- Nothing.

4.What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions.

displacement- All the actions for this.

lucky- The hendrix action.

5.what photo did you like from last week and why

Faded- I like Nicole Saltou's because the picture itself has a faded feeling.

gif- I like Nicole Saltou's because it goes back and forth.