Scholarship Persuasive Essay

By: America Valadez

There are two types of people in this world, good people and bad people. Would you rather there be more bad than good or more good than bad?

Personally I think with the way the world has evolved we can’t afford to have bad people. New technology is constantly being released and we are the ones who have access to use it for bad.

Good people are needed for several reasons. One being so the Internet and social media is used properly. And another reason is so regardless how dangerous the new weapons being created are, us people know that they’re being taken care of properly and are in the right hands.

New types of technology are created every year from Phones to Laptops. Most people tend to use the internet to socialize and keep in touch with friends. But how many stories are there that peoples identities are stolen due to the fact that personal information is seen through our profiles on social media whether its Facebook or Pinterest we never know if our information is safe even if your accounts are private. Take Ruth Palmer for example she found several fake profiles using her identity and were being used to attract men “900 images and videos of my own personal experiences had been taken from my own social media profiles, some five years back,” Ruth said. Sadly this was never the purpose for these websites and the only way for it to be used properly is by it to be used by the right people, good people.

Along with new types of electronic devices there have been plenty of new weapons that have been created as well. It takes one single person to control 20 people or even more. It happens all the times in banks, stores, shops, etc. The second an individual has possession of a weapon they are in control and you are under their command. Just a few weeks ago on April 28th 2015 in Syria an armed group set off a bomb in the diplomatic quarter of the capital, Damascus. Syria is known to be a safe country and although the group of armed individuals was small, they had the power to destabilize Syria. We need good people in this world to be assured that regardless what weapons are being created, they'll be used at the right time for the right reasons. Assuring everyone who isn't involved that they are safe.

On the other hand people may only be looking at the positive things that have been coming from new technology. They may only see the internet as a fun way to interact with friends and see all the "cool" things going on in the world, and see newer weapons to be good because they provide better protection.

This world is in need of good people. The internet world is getting out of control and nobody's information is safe anymore, along with newer more powerful weapons, this world needs to be assured that they are in the right hands and are being used for the right reasons. We all need to open our eyes as a society and realize that we are getting out of control!

As a society we all need to come together and influence each other to gain good habits day by  day. We need to realize that the only people that can save this world from destruction is us, and we need to take advantage of all the newer technology in the best way possible. One by one we can all make a difference. It only takes one good person to influence millions, be that one person.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Jessica Yanez to be a valuable new addition to your organization. In her position as a Social worker, Jessica was employed in our office from 2009 to 2015. She always did an exquisite job in her position and never let down her staff or her clients.

Ms.Yanez can take on several tasks at once and always get the job done perfectly. Unfortunately her time with us has come to an end. I am recommending her because I feel that with the great character and potential she has, she can definitely grow in her profession and as a person in general.

Aside from having a great personality, Ms.Yanez has great skills that work well with what she does. She is definitely patient and can handle almost anything in a very calm manner. She has great social skills and works well with people of all ages from pre-school students to senior citizens.

I highly recommend Jessica because she has the quality and character that everyone wants to see in their employee’s. She always works her hardest to get the job done and has great skills that allow her to over achieve in her career. I would want Jessica to have nothing but the best because that’s what she will give you. She will always show respect and ambition for what she does.

For any further questions or information about Jessica Yanez and her history while she was with us, please feel free to contact me at my email address: or reach me by phone number: (915)-282-1028

Cover Letter / Letter of Intent

America Valadez

810 Edgmere

El Paso, TX 79928

May 20th, 2015

Mike Trevizo, High School Teacher

Freshmen English

14400 Pebble Hills Blvd.
El Paso, TX 79938

Dear Mike Trevizo:

I have many things to offer a show you why you would want me to be your employee. To keep it short I can assure you two of my best skills are time management and social skills. Through all the experiences I have mastered being able to set my schedule up right so that any task or job assigned to me is always done and ready to go on time. As for social skills, I can work well with anyone. Doesn’t matter where I am or who’s around I guarantee you I will always get my work done.

As a teacher of english i feel that the key is not to just tech what you know and how you know it but its to tech in a way that the students will understand it best, and my goal is  to make sure I am able to do this for all the students. With my past experiences of assisting teachers in the class and substituting, I understand the kids quite well and truly enjoy working with them.

The future depends on these kids, and as a teacher, I feel like we have the responsibility to teach them everything they should and can know.

America Valadez


America Valadez


81028 Snowy Point


My goal as a professional, is to obtain a position that will allow me to expand the knowledge of students as well as having my knowledge expanded buy what they know. It is to grow a bond with the students and let them know that I’m not just someone who teaches lessons, but that I’m someone they can always count on.


I attended Paso Del Norte school for elementary and middle school, and El Dorado 9th Grade Academy for one full year. My accomplishments for elementary would be being awarded the gold certificate signed by President Bush in 2nd grade and the silver certificate signed by President Obama in 4th grade, as for middle school, it would be achieving the A-B honor roll list all three years.


Baby Sitting kids from 5-11 (weekends 8:00 am – 5:00pm) Helping friends with homework Staying after school to assist teachers with any help they may need

Job Application

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